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King Breeders Association

Under Construction

Welcome to the King Breeders Association, dedicated to preserving and promoting the bloodlines of . . .
KING P-234

 King P-234 has been called the cornerstone of the quarter horse industry. His conformation set the standard for the first decade of the AQHA. If you wanted to know what a Quarter Horse should be all you had to do was see King. He was beautiful, powerful, kind, intelligent, balanced, speedy, prepotent... the list goes on and on.

This association isn't yet.That is, so far I, Craig Mustoe, have decided to start it up (again) with the blessing of the previous organizer. Sandra Young had initiated an association under the auspices of one of the Foundation associations. According to Sandra that group is inactive and defunct. If you wish to search for it on the internet you will find it to be a dead-end as I did. Persistent searching led me to Sandra's web site and eventually e-mail exchanges and telephone conversations. The upshot of these conversations was that she would send me all records, lists, documents and so forth that she still has as soon as she can find them ( she recently moved from Massachusetts to Florida and "They're in a box around here somplace"). In point of fact this King Breeders Association has no relation to any other group or organization of the same or similar name. It just seemed to me that a gaping void existed; there are breeder's associations for many different foundation sires--why not King, accorded by many to be the #1 foundation sire?

I have received encouragement from every breeder I have spoken to about resurrecting the association. Included have been Fred Gist of the Wagon Wheel Ranch, the premier King breeder in the world today as well as Tom Goodnight, another leading Texas breeder. I am far from having contacted all the breeders that I know of and hope to include in our group. If you are one of the leading or long-time King breeders out there, please don't take it as a slight that you have not been included yet. As I said above, this association isn't organized yet and we desperately need anyone and everyone with a love for King-bred horses to help us get going.

Mission Statement

To ensure people get the right idea, we'll include a brief statement here that describes our organization. We'll tell people what we want to accomplish and exactly how we plan to do it.

KING P-234

This site and association are in their infancy. Born on Aug. 3, 2004, this site is definitely Under Construction! In fact it would be some sort of cyber-miracle if you were even able to find this site without specific guidance. We're not saying KEEP OUT, just WATCH YOUR STEP.

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.